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Featured Client | The American Barista & Coffee School

Web Design
Video Production

The American Barista & Coffee School approached us to develop a linear training platform for their school. For the past 25 years they have been in the business of coffee consulting for businesses and baristas, offering in person classes and seminars. We helped them enter the digital age by creating a subscription based website for their courses and continual updating content. Some of the features of the dynamic design we implemented was recurring billing, different account views, profile integration, and a testing environment customizable. The target market was retail coffee shops looking for a continual learning environment for their employees and themselves. The interactive design and environment truly has added a new element to their business offerings.

This project included a full video production campaign that we were able to facilitate from ground up. We worked on-site with their director of training to develop over 100 videos for their barista training platform. Our team storyboarded, scripted, directed, shot, edited, and produced all video content for the platform. We also flew offsite internationally to capture content for their business courses and promotional video. We finalized over 250 minutes worth of edited footage and continue to contract with them to develop their continued content development.