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Virtually every golf course has an animated depiction of a hole at the tee box. Aerial photographs and videos can bring a new feature and add to the exclusiveness of a golf course. Giving a birds eye view of the upcoming hole can be an added benefit for a golfer, whether it be an aerial photo on your website or a aerial video preview of the hole your golf course a step ahead of the competition.
Our equipment is transportable and ready to travel!! No distance or project is too far!
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NDVI Turf Managment

NDVI imaging can help save golf courses money on fertalizing and watering! Not only is it na eco-concious way of doing turf managment, but it also keeps your fairways vibrant and green. Many times turf is already under stress well before it shows signs of yellowing.


On the right is an example NDVI image of a hole. You can see that the red and yellow colors indicate areas of teh turf that require more fertalizer and water. With a customized turf managment plan you can help pinpoint exact spots of the course that need special treatment and save money on the other spots that are healthy. Case studies have shown a savings of up to 50% in fertalizer costs!!