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innovation1Hyperion Pacific strives to be constantly innovating UAV platforms to meet the ever changing needs of its clients. UAV’s have endless possibilities for assiting in tasks such as precision agriculture, search and rescue, chemical cleanup analysis, as well as the more obvious media related applications. Please get in contact with us if you wish to partner or collaborate on any initiatives or project.



Greater Returns

Not only does our technology help farmers increase yields, but can also help increase returns. Paired with historical data collection, agriculturalists are able to increase quality, yield, and consistency year after year. By saving money on per acre water usuage as well as strategic fertalizing application, viticulturalists are able to focus on the winemaking process rather than worrying about skyrocketing costs in the vineyards.


Viticulturalists as well as other agriculturalists want a consistant product all throughout each block. Using Hyperion Pacific’s technology side by side current farming practices, farmers are able to have a consistant harvest that can up the quality of product produced. Changes in consistency within a block of land is due to different topigraphical features, inconsistent water flow, and varied fertilizer application. Utilizing NDVI imaging and georeferenced pictures, vineyard managers are able to precisely harvest their vines. By allowing only the ripe portion to be harvested, weaker areas have additional time to reach completion and targeted fertilizing schedules implemented.

Green Technology

Our technology reduces the need to use alternatives such as helicopters and airplanes for similiar precision agriculture applications. Not only does our technology use sustainable power sources, but the application helps decrease the use of fertilizers, pesticides, and overwatering that can be a major source of concern for a farmer.

If you are interested in possible investment opportunities feel free to get in contact with us to enquire more.